Oak mosaic underparket


Oak mosaic underparket

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8.61 € / m² VAT incl.

This oak sub-parquet is a rustic variant of the checkerboard royal parquet 1st choice.
The mosaic parquet can be used to place under a solid parquet or to
use it as a temporary budget-friendly parquet floor.

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Actual Area (sq m) 4.1
Total Price 35.30
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Oak mosaic underparket

This Oak mosaic underparket is an economical easy to install parquet. The term ‘sub-parquet’ comes from the fact that this floor is placed under a solid plank.
This mosaic is of super importance for the stability of the solid planks floor. This oak mosaic parquet can serve as a temporary or final floor.
After sanding, you can finish this oak parquet underlay with Hesse products.

This design flooring is of an industrial quality. This means that the mosaic can contain visible knots and cracks.
Depending on the supply, it contains more or fewer nodes. Because this is actually a sub-parquet, the view is less important.
After placing and before sanding, you can best stop all knots and cracks with a sealant from eg pallmann. Make sure that
the joint kit can record the color of your finish. Carefully read the instructions of the joint sealant before using your mosaic parquet
to add. The inclusion of the mosaic parquet is not an obligation. It does have an aesthetic added value.

Later you can apply a solid parquet to the sub-parquet. It is recommended to take an ‘old Flemish style’ parquet without it
tooth and groove. This parquet is about 9 mm thick with widths up to + – 20 cm. This solid plank floor is available in various qualities.


Additional information

Weight 20.21 kg
Dimensions 400,000 × 400,000 × 40,000 cm
Type of trowel






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