Mosaic parquet Sample

Mosaic parquet Sample

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Mozaïek parket Sample

1st choice checkerboard oak mosaic parquet sample
thickness 8 mm
available in 2 sizes:

12 x 12 cm (48 x 48 cm) 2,304 m² per pack
5 slats per box

16 x 16 cm (64 x 64 cm) 4.10 m² per pack
7 slats per box

This Mosaic parquet Sample is untreated, can be glued directly to the screed or osb.
A budget-friendly solid floor, to be finished with oil or matt varnish.

This mosaic parquet is composed of small strips of solid oak that are combined into wooden tiles.
All slats are glued on a net structure

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Weight 1 kg


Type of trowel





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