Mosaic oak flooring


Mosaic oak flooring

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Mosaic oak flooring

This is the 1st choice of oak mosaic flooring
thickness 8 mm
Available in 2 sizes:

12 x 12 cm (48 x 48 cm) 2.99 m² per package
5 slats per square

16 x 16 cm (64 x 64 cm) 4.10 m² per pack
7 slats per square

This Mosaic oak flooring is not treated, directly glued on screed or on a plywood.
This mosaic parquet is a solid and economical floor, finish this mosaic floor with an oil or a matt varnish.

This mosaic parquet consists of small strips of solid oak that have merged into wooden tiles.
All the slats are glued to a structure on the back.

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