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    PrimaCover Dirt-Keeper Mat – adhesive pad – tackmat

    Adhesive mat (large and small) PrimaCover Dirt-Keeper is a refillable adhesive mat in two sizes. A Dirt-Keeper consists of a set of numbered adhesive layers. Extra durable use in combination with the plastic frame (optional). In an effective manner, PrimaCover Dirt-Keeper holds more than 90% of the walk-in dirt. The distribution of dust and grit through the shoe soles during walking in and out is prevented in this way. Every time the upper adhesive layer is saturated, it can easily be removed. PrimaCover Dirt-Keeper is ideal for renovations and renovation work, both in the construction phase and in terms of finishing and furnishing. PrimaCover Dirt-Keeper is available in two sizes. Refills are available for each size and can easily be applied to the reusable frame. (tackmat)
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