mosaic flooring

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    Oak Mosaic English style Brick bond

    oak parquet mosaic ideal for DIYers, this massive parquet floor is 8 mm thick and is ideal for bedrooms. Due to its modern appearance it can also be installed in a living room, office or store. The pattern is called english style or brick bond. This is because all the slats are lying in the same direction. This oak slats are connected via a mesh on the backside. Dimensions: 560 mm x 320 mm. You can place them on a dry screed or subfloor, OSB or plywood.  
    14.2717.77 € / m² TAX incl.
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    Oak mosaic underparket

    This oak sub-parquet is a rustic variant of the checkerboard royal parquet 1st choice. The mosaic parquet can be used to place under a solid parquet or to use it as a temporary budget-friendly parquet floor.
    8.61 € / m² TAX incl.
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    Mosaic oak flooring

    15.2922.11 € / m² TAX incl.
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    Parallel oak solid parquet

    Parallel oak solid parquet, we deliver the parquet on a net of 32 cm x 64 cm. One package contains 4.1 m² solid oak parallel parquet. This parquet can be placed around a screed with underfloor heating. In terms of glue you can choose between a 2 component or 1 component parquet adhesive. Call or email us for more info.
    19.25 € / m² TAX incl.